'If we knew who did it and they want to put me in a bomber to take care of it, I'd be willing to go'

Voices of America
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Message board set up in President Bush's home state of Texas

"Death. Strike quickly and completely. DEATH!"

"An eye for an eye"

"Total annihilation"

Gary Woodbridge whose wife died in the Oklahoma bombing

"Folks in Oklahoma have been there, done that. I think we could offer a lot to those folks. Watching some of the video of them trying to save people and help people, a lot of it reminded me of what we saw in Oklahoma City. The only difference ... is the patches on the uniforms say New York City instead of Oklahoma City. I kind of feel like it's an attack on America instead of what McVeigh did on the government... Emotionally it's kind of hard."


The Rev Nick Harris whose church was shattered in Oklahoma

"I know in my heart what these people in New York are going through. It doesn't do anything but break me in pieces. I just don't think there's any easy way for people at least in downtown Oklahoma City, to handle this. It's more than you can even imagine. It makes Oklahoma City look just a drop in the bucket in comparison... I mean, if somebody you loved died in Oklahoma City, it's just as big as New York. I'm just talking in terms of the amount of casualties. It's hard not to be angry and I for one am feeling a great deal of anger over this."


Bob Reiber, 80, Army veteran

"If we knew who did it, and they want to put me in a bomber to take care of it, I'd be willing to go. This has been the most devastating attack by any group or individual against this nation since Pearl Harbour."

Justin Sykes, 21

"We're just shocked beyond belief that something could go this far. Along with his family, he was buying gas masks, emergency lights and knives at a Tarzana surplus store. He said they were preparing to "go it alone."


Karen Thompson, stayed at her desk

"There was no one talking, no laughter, silence. I think it was the community's way of showing support. We cannot shy away, we have to contribute and that is why I am here."


Steve Forslund, blood donor

"I was too angry to just sit there and watch TV."


Lossie Jordan, grandmother of soldier

"If he's called it's God's will. I feel he will be doing his duty."


Tina Brown, returned to work

"It seems like everything is just turned upside down. But I agree with President Bush that we can't let the terrorists win. We need to get back to our daily routines."


Dick McDonald


"We're closing the county, we're not closing the countryI f we disrupt our country, our way of life, they win. That's what they want."


Jimmy Nurre, 13, church-goer

"This is really devastating. I'm glad I got to come to Mass again. It really helps calm you."


The Rev Robert Starrett

"Some of the people in my congregation were saying, 'We're kind of afraid to even come out. We're talking about the older folks"


Beth O'Connor, churchgoer

"I saw it live when it collapsed. It was the worst thing I have ever seen, the worst reality I have ever seen."


Father Ken Kuntz

"There are no answers to this thing. People need to express what they're feeling and share in the sadness of this event."


Alan Krauss, lawyer

"This is the holy war. Things are never going to be the same in this country again. This is the worst day in the history of our country, with the exception of the Civil War."


Lewis Shippy, 69

"We know that thousands of people must be dead. It's tragic and it is unreal. I'm afraid of what the consequences are for something like this."


Ellie Mayhew

"I feel helpless, I feel like grieving, I feel rage, and I feel very, very sad. I barely get through a conversation with somebody before I get choked up."


Debby Avila

"Can you imagine standing here, smoking a cigarette and watching a plane crash?"


Val Roth

"It's like a movie, it's weird. It's surreal."


Rod Mason, cafe owner who gave free coffee to soldiers

"I don't know what else we can do. I think we feel like the rest of America, just hopeless."


Robin Johnson, 49 church-goer

"The power of prayer heals, and I came to be part of the healing process. The Bible always says there will be wars and the righteous will have enemies. I don't think I'll ever get over this."


Susan Straight novelist

"It was an attack on people just sitting in their offices. Our kids will just never feel as safe as we felt. We . . . think about Pearl Harbour, but that wasn't like this. Nothing's like this.


Harry Pregerson Appeal Court judge

"The court is in operation, We are going to carry on the people's business. We are not going to let terrorists halt the wheels of justice."

Megan Lawrence, 20 blood donor

"We just felt useless sitting there watching TV."

Steve Robtoy Construction worker

"Somebody pays for this. Someone's got to pay, they've got to pay for this."


Patrick Hilleary director

"The United States is shut down today."

Alicia LaVanway student

"It's wicked scary. It's just awful. I've done my crying today."


Dan Newburn pastor

"We've been talking a lot and crying and praying a lot. That's about all you can do. And it's good to do."


Jan Van Ackerman legal secretary

"It makes me feel there's a war coming. Or at least an act of retaliation."

Rachel Elley student

"I think that means we prayed for the terrorists, too."

Julie Feinsilver bank worker

"I think that D.C. is probably safe today. I think the danger was yesterday. This sends out the message 'Business as usual."

Jarid Maldonado can't find his mother


"All I know at this stage is it's been so many hours since this happened and she would have called. Right now, I don't know what to think. I don't know what to do."


Elizabeth Gesualdo New York police sergeant

"They want answers. We don't have answers for them. It's frustrating for them. It's devastating."


Fran Tinnemeier, 72 passenger

"I just can't imagine what the results of this will be, in every way – economically, the amount of lives lost. It's going to affect all of us. This is going to be the beginning of a new era."


Chris White restaurant manager

"It's a tragedy. I'm glad we have a president that will deal with it."


Alton Hill

"I just feel sorry for the people, for the kids whose parents left for work, sent their kids off to school and then won't be back. It's so sad."


Rachel Elley student

"I think that means we prayed for the terrorists, too."


Jan van Ackerman legal secretary

"It makes me feel there's a war coming."