In pictures: Major storm hits New York City

The West Coast's first major storm of the season floods part of the city and causes damage to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge

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With the American storm season in its early stages, lightning struck The Big Apple as New Yorkers prepare for Hurricane Arthur.

Yesterday, lightning and rain caused havoc throughout New York, leading to relentless electrical storms, flooding in parts of Brooklyn and parts of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge being ripped away by heavy winds.

With no sign of the storm relenting anytime soon, Hurricane Arthur is expected to hit America's largest city within the next few days and cause disruption to much of the East Coast's Independence Day celebrations.

Alongside the chaos and destruction caused by the storm, many New Yorkers took it upon themselves to take a number of incredible pictures of Arthur in its full glory.

Video: Footage of tropical storm Arthur from space

From how the storm looked from space to the One World Trade Center becoming a 541ft Van Der Graaf Generator above are a selection of some of the most incredible storm images.