Injured bullfighter who Morrissey labelled a 'serial killer' returns to standing ovation

Karlade los Angeles was gored twice in the thigh after a bullfight in December

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A female bullfighter who singer Morrissey labelled a “serial killer” has returned to the bullring just a matter of weeks after being impaled twice by a bull during an event in Mexico City.

Karlade los Angeles returned to the bullring in Tlaxacala on Sunday and came out unscathed after she fought two bulls to a standing ovation from the crowd.

It was los Angeles' first time in a ring since an incident in December saw her gored twice by  1090-pound bull Gerasimo, while fighting at the Plaza Mexico, the world’s biggest bullring on 28 December.

 Warning: Some viewers may find this footage distressing

In video from the fight, los Angeles was thrown by the bull and impaled twice in the thigh with one of the bull’s horns penetrating through her gluteus.

The video of the incident garnered some high-profile attention, and led to former Smiths singer Morrisey labelling los Angeles a “serial killer”.

In a post on the Morrisey fan site True-to-you, Morrisey said that he “felt delight” when he saw “serial killer” Karla de los Angeles “justifiably gored against her largely defenseless opponent.”

He later followed it up in a radio interview, by saying that “he was sad that the bull did not come away with los Angeles’ ear” in response to the injured bullfighter announcing that she regretted not taking the bull’s ear. 

Morrisey whose band released the album Meat is Murder in 1985 has long been an animal rights activist and is a strong critic of bullfighting.

Last year, he released the album World Peace is None of Your Business, which included the song The Bullfighter Dies a song he described as a “shout-out for the total abolition of the living horror of bullfighting.”