Inside Guantanamo: the diary of Binyam Mohamed

The only remaining British resident held at the prison camp is at the centre of a row about allegations of torture. Revealed today, this is his account of the inhumane treatment he has received in the name of the war on terror
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No breakfast or lunch from 10 Dec to 29 Dec 2008.

Mon 29 Dec Informed corpsman (US Navy medic) about my full hunger strike.

Tue 30 Dec Took dinner as hunger strike was pushed to 5th Jan. Blue pens were changed to black, new SOP [Standard Operating Procedures].

Mon 5 Jan Told by corpsman nurse my ideal weight was 168lbs.

Thu 8 Jan About 15:30 FCE [Force Cell Extraction] of brother, and his beating up and move to hospital for facial injury and broken wrist. [Prisoner was Ahmed Abdul Aziz from other unclassified source.]

Fri 9 Jan After days of request for medical to take interest in the hunger strikes since 5 Jan, a physician Capt came and asked why we were on hunger strike.

Cell and locker search – two papers taken, my Nov & Dec pray schedules.

Shower rule changed.

Mon 12 Jan Habeas envelopes or papers are being taken away for a period of 5 days cause they are being used to cover the strong lights and the AC vent due to the cold.

Tue 13 Jan At about 10:00, woke up from sleep and shortly after fell. Was taken to the med room and after a vital test given 2 bags of IV (saline solution), the physician came and said to me that I would be tube-fed if I continue missing meals, after taking more vitals she said that I was dizzy and dehydrated and my sugar level was low (68) so she said could not await the SJA [Staff Judge Advocate – a government lawyer] to resolve my issue and may have to tube-feed me for today and she was putting me on the list of those to be tube-fed. She was going to tell her higher-ups to start tube-feeding. I was given another bag of IV total (3 bags) then I was ready to get back to my cell but as I got up I felt faint so I was left for another 10 min and another vital was taken. My temp was 94 and when it got to 95 I was returned back to my cell.

Wed 14 Jan Weighed at 13:30 and weight was 127 without shackles I had weighed 124 with shackles on.

At about 14:45, the physician Capt was on the block talking to the brother whose food was sorted so I asked to speak to her so she came and I told her about my swelling knees and that the IV went to my body and it was a sign of trouble. She told me that I was on the list for tube-feeding and it wasn't long before they did it... I told her to delay the tube for as long as she could but she said once the decision is taken to tube-feed meshe would.

At about 16:15 I was taken to tube-feeding without warning I was strapped to a chair and moved from block to block and tube-fed there for about 20 min. They weighed me at 129 with shackles after tube-feeding...

Fri 16 Jan Tube at 08:00 to 10:00. One of the brothers on tube was FCE'd because of the tea issue. The nurse said that no cafine [sic] so they are talking to the SMO (senior medical officer) who's talking to the admin to allow us to get coffee and tea.

SMO still refuse to give me lactalose [sic] though I am constipated. Weighed at about 14:00 – 127 without shackles – feeding from 16:10-16:45 about 25 min feeding very quick today.

Sat 17 Jan 06:00 according to norm calculations I should be between – 168 to 186 pounds. I was below my norm weight by at least 40 pounds, 121 pounds, before they considered me for tube feeding. I am at zero fat at 130 pounds let alone 121. At 6.0294 feet = 1.87 metres the ideal weight should be between 168-188 pounds depending on bone structure. I am considered light bone build.

09:00 went for tube feeding. weighed in at 128.5 with shackles (2.8) = 125.7 without shackles...

16:30 feeding and given another lactalose [sic], blood withdrawn & told I had to sit on the chair until 18:30 (2 hrs). After a heated argument I was taken back to my cell at 17:43 prayer time 17:42 they had refused me the right to pray but I told them if I don't get to pray then they can get the FCE team.

Sun 18 Jan 01:00 woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my stomach constipated ... my stomach was bloated and had difficulty sleeping.

06:00 Took an apple to help me with my stomach problem. was given coffee and I asked the AOIC (Administrative Officer In Charge) to talk with him about prayer issue.

Weight 127.9lbs with shackles

Mon 19 Jan 05:30 another sleepless night. At 09:00 taken to feed. spoke to AOIC about why I had to stay strapped for 2 hours after feeding and why 6-point strap if I am coming out compliant. I had to use the toilet and was almost urinating on myself because I had to stay until 11:00

Wed 21 Jan 10:00: I took shower and was refused soap. When I asked why I was told I was on a soap loss.

Thu 22 Jan on Tue 20th a brother told me that in the British media it was reported that I was expected home soon. Another brother told the same news about me on Wed.

At about 12:00 I was put on dis (discipline or disciplinary) one. I don't know why and I haven't asked. There is about 5-6 brothers on soap loss.

Fri 23 Jan At 08:35 I was taken for feeding weight lb = 127.1 with shackles, 124.3 without. One of the brothers was FCE'd to the chair and they could not feed him as they could not stick the tube down his nose. Reason was because they disciplined the hunger strikers for peaceful hunger strike. I saw C7 & told him that the OIC [officer in command] said no more discipline except if you did something. After checking he came back and said I was correct. I was returned back to my cell and I found my stuff being taken then returned and they brought me orange linen.

At 16:00 taken for feeding, there was a Capt Navy watching us tube-fed. The watch commander of dayshift said to me that FCE means we beat you up because you are not complying. The brother who was FCE'd in the morning was complaining about being hit in his chest and knees. We waited until night shift w/c came and we told him to write a report... 13:00 Moved cells. The room I was put in had spots of feces [sic] on the light and the walls... At 19:35 we was moved back from as they had finished extermination.

Sun 25 Jan at 08:25 taken for feeding. Vitals = 86/52, heart 62 told that the doctors says my blood pressure is fine through low. Weighed 129.4 with shackles...

Mon 26 Jan I told the AOIC about the shower issue and explained to him about the privacy we needed while taking showers he said he would talk to his people to stop harassing us while we were in the showers as long as they could see our heads and necks... The brother FCE'd a few day[s] ago showed me the scar on his chest.

At 18:35 dinner, I took dessert, salad, apple, dates, the guard were now passing extras.

Wed 28 Jan This morning at feeding the nurse put the tube in my lungs and after an air check she had to pull the tube out & try again. When the second time worked I told her she had stuck the tube in my lungs she said it usually happens and that['s] why they do an air check. I told the AOIC who was watching the incident about it and all he could say was everything was fine now.