Japanese pianist Yoshiki performs duet with 'hologram of himself'

Illusion reportedly the same used to make Tupac appear at 2012 Coachella festival

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A Japanese musician has stunned crowds by performing a piano duet with what appeared to be a hologram of himself.

The image of Yoshiki appeared on stage first at the concert in Austin, Texas, before introducing the real-life performer.

Hailing the event as a “hologram piano battle”, a statement on the artist’s official YouTube channel said: “Yoshiki unveiled a never before seen classical concert performance at FLAUNT Magazine's party celebrating its upcoming List Issue.

“Yoshiki mesmerized the audience at Austin's Qui as he performed a piano duel with a hologram of himself, resulting in a passionate and dramatic musical experience celebrating the artistry of the multi-talented, classically trained musician.”

The illusion might have wowed the audience but it was not technically a hologram.

Like the famous appearance of dead rapper Tupac on stage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at the 2012 Coachella festival, the technology is a theatrical trick dating back to the 19th Century.

The “Pepper’s Ghost” technique uses light projected on glass to make objects appear life-like.

A hologram, by contrast, uses lasers to create free-standing three-dimensional images.

Yoshiki has reportedly sold more than 30 million singles and albums combined and is continuing his world tour.