Jeremy Meeks: 'Handsome felon' could be heading for Hollywood

The 30-year-old has been signed by talent agent Gina Rodriguez

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It seems that sometimes, crime does pay.

Jeremy Meeks, whose “handsome” mugshot went viral last month, has been snapped up by a Hollywood talent agent.

Former porn actress Gina Rodriguez, who has presided over the careers of individuals including Donald Sterling’s former mistress V. Stiviano, is representing the 30-year-old convicted felon.

She told Fox411: “The types of personalities that I work with are usually the people who are under fire by the media. If this was a different situation, like if someone was actually hurt or there was violence involved, I definitely would not be taking him on.

“But we don’t know Jeremy’s full story yet, and I don’t feel like he got a fair break. I really don’t. If we can help him in any way with his future and help him turn his life around, that’s what I’m about. That’s what I want to do for him.”

Meeks was arrested last month on charges of illegal gun possession and gang crime. His photo, posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page, has so far been “liked” by over 100,000 people, has been shared 12,800 times and has more than 26,500 comments.

But despite his popularity, Meeks still faces the full force of the law. He is currently being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on 11 felony counts and his bail is set at $1.1million.

Rodriguez said that she is hoping to secure Meeks deals including modelling contracts and reality shows that will help to “change his life”.

And she expressed her belief that Meeks’ alleged criminal actions were firmly in the “past”.

“I think that if he has a chance to have an amazing career, and change his life for his family, that’s the ultimate rags to riches story,” she said.

However, Los Angeles criminal defence attorney Darren Kavinoky had a rather different view on the matter.

He told Fox411: “It’s totally insane and it speaks poorly of where we are. We are so enamoured with appearance and attractiveness that we are willing to totally disregard that we’re talking [about] somebody who is a criminal, someone who has a long rap sheet and a history of convictions.

“His current allegations involve weapons possession by somebody who society has deemed should not possess guns. If the allegations against him are true, he appears to be a very, very bad boy.”

Meeks' relatives have said he is a “family man” who left his life of crime behind years ago. His mother, Katherine Angier, started a GoFundMe page for her son, claiming he is being stereotyped because of his collection of tattoos, including a teardrop on his face.