Joseph Mann death: Sacramento police try to run over black man before shooting him 14 times video shows

'F*** this guy, I'm going to hit him' one police officer appears to say

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Police in California have been recorded on video apparently trying to run over a 51-year-old homeless man before shooting him 14 times.

Joseph Mann, who his family have said had a history of mental illness, looks to have dodged out of the way of a police car twice before he was shot dead.

Video from a dashboard camera on a police car recorded one officer appearing to say: "F*** this guy, I'm going to hit him."

His partner seemingly replies: "OK, go for it. Go for it."

Mr Mann is shown in the video backing away from police the first time the car speeds towards him. One of the officers then appears to say: "We'll get him, we'll get him."

The second time the footage shows they almost hit him, he jumps over a central reservation.

Officers then pursued Mr Mann on foot before shooting at him 18 times. Fourteen of the bullets hit him. He died in the street. The shooting itself not captured by the dashboard camera.

The two officers arrived at the scene on 11 July - although they were not the first to respond. Police had received reports of a man standing in the street with a knife.

The lawyer for the Mann family, John Burris, amended a complaint against the city of Sacramento on Friday and requested a civil rights investigation into the killing of Mr Mann.

Mr Burris told The Guardian: "It's disgusting. It rases the question that this might have been a deliberate, premeditated murder, that they intended to do what they did." 

The video was first published with sound by the Sacramento Bee. Police told the paper the two officers had been placed on “modified duty”, pending investigation.

On Monday afternoon, Sacramento police released a statement that said: “If deemed necessary, the department welcomes a review of the case by any state or federal law enforcement authority."

Sacramento police had released soundless dashboard video two weeks ago, more than two months after the shooting.

The incident follows the shooting of Albert Olango, a black man killed by police in El Cajon, California, whose death prompted mass protests.