Kansas man runs back into burning home to save his Xbox

After escaping from the house to safety, the man remembers he has left his beloved X-box behind

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A Kansas man risked his life by running back into a burning house to retrieve his Xbox - after escaping to safety from the building.

The unidentified male awoke in the early hours of Friday morning to find his home in Olathe, Kansas, engulfed in flames.

He quickly ran out of the property and onto the street, only to remember his X-box remained trapped inside the building.

Undeterred by the huge blaze, he ran back inside the house to save his gaming device from the growing flames.

Olathe fire officials said the man suffered smoke inhalation from running back inside to collect the Xbox. Paramedics who attended the scene said he did not sustain any serious injuries.

The blaze caused $80,000 (£48, 323) worth of damage to the building, according to ABC News 15. An electrical junction box is believed to be the cause of the fire, authorities have said.