Killer Mike may run for Georgia State Representative in 2016

The Atlanta rapper eyes a seat in Georgia's 55th State House District

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Killer Mike plans to run for Georgia State representative in 2016.

The Run The Jewels rapper originally planned to run in 2015 as a write-in for Georgia's 55th State House District — near his hometown of Atlanta. However, Killer Mike said that Georgia state laws prevented him from doing so.

Killer Mike — who will run under is government name Michael Render — said he would become an advocate for public education and prison reform in Georgia. In an interview with Noisey, he explained that he was running to get people more politically involved.

“But I do plan on running for political office one day. The next election I’m probably going to go register as a write-in. If it would’ve worked, I definitely would’ve been going to Washington to represent the people of Georgia,” he said.

The MC has never shied away from expressing his political opinions. He’s frequently written editorial columns for Billboard, Vox, USA Today and many more with topics ranging from against bigotry, police brutality and many other problems facing black America.

And fans have been supporting the rapper’s endeavor.