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Justin Michael Jerome is a national correspondent with The Independent covering race issues, social movements, film, music, and the arts. He’s also a budding screenwriter and actively trying to level up his improv game.

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Syd on songwriting and her advice for new artists

It was an unusually warm night for the last week of February while New Yorkers walked down East 11th Street en route to The Internet’s sold out show at Webster Hall. The neo-funk band kicked off the set with familiar hits ("Special Affair," "Gabby,” and "Under Control") then disassembled for each member to showcase solo material for the first time. Normally presenting solo work onstage would definitely create serious tension within any other group—but not with The Internet. Each member contributes, reinforcing each other’s solo catalogue. When they reassemble for fan favorites, they finish the two-hour set with "Get Away." The beat slaps. And nearly everyone in the venue bounces up-and-down, singing the hook with Syd, "Roll up an L and light it, let’s go to space, be my co I’ll be the pilot, let’s get away."

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