Lil Wayne: Shooting reported at rapper's Miami home was a hoax, say police

Rapper Lil Wayne was not at home when the shots were fired, according to reports

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A shooting reported at the Miami home of rapper Lil Wayne was a hoax, police have confirmed, according to the Associated Press.

Police have reported the property all clear and have said that no shooting occurred. They will continue investigating the hoax.

Authorities were called to the Miami Beach home of the rapper by a man who claimed that he shot four people, according to media reports.



Video and photos from the scene show police surrounding the house, including a SWAT team.

Lil Wayne's record label, Young Money Entertainment, tweeted that the rapper was not home when police arrived.


The 32-year-old rapper has been one of the top rap artists since starting his career at age 9 in his hometown of New Orleans, according to the AP.

Lil Wayne has been arrested in the past for marijuana possession, among other arrests, and was sentenced to a year in prison on a 2007 charge of attempted possession of a gun in New York after police found a weapon on his tour bus.

It is not clear who called the police or what exactly happened at the rapper's home.