London-bound flight from Chicago grounded in Canada so that 'unruly' passenger could be kicked off

American Airlines official says flight was refuelled and prepared to continue its journey after unexpected stop

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A flight from Chicago that was supposed to land at London Heathrow this morning made an unscheduled stop in Canada so that an "unruly" passenger could be removed from the plane.

An official for the flight's operator, American Airlines, said the man had “refused to listen to the flight crew's instructions”.

Passengers were told the plane would be touching down in Gander, Newfoundland - one of the most eastern airports in North America and the last opportunity to stop before a flight heads out across the Atlantic.

Airline spokesperson Kent Powell said that upon arrival in Gander, the man was handed over to authorities. Mr Powell declined to give further details on what the passenger had done to force the plane to land.

AA Flight 86 had left Chicago at 6pm local time yesterday and was due to arrive in Heathrow at 4am this morning.

Mr Powell said last night that it was being refuelled in Gander before heading back out on its way to Heathrow.