LulzSec claims to have hacked Arizona police

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Lulz Security, the notorious group of online activists, has released "sensitive" data it claims to have taken from a US police force, including personal emails, officers' names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords.

In what it warned would be the first of many such leaks, the group known as LulzSec posted documents online it said belong to the Arizona Department for Public Safety (DPS) in the early hours of yesterday morning. The group said the hack was a protest against laws allowing Arizona police officers to question anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant.

In a statement, LulzSec said the documents were classified as "law-enforcement sensitive", "not for public distribution", and "for official use only", adding that they "describe the use of informants to infiltrate various gangs, cartels, motorcycle clubs, Nazi groups, and protest movements".

The statement continued: "Every week we plan on releasing more classified documents and embarassing personal details of military and law enforcement."

The growing animosity between the group and other so-called "hacktivists" continued with one releasing personal details he said belonged to Sabu, the mysterious figure said to be the head of LulzSec.