Man arrested for having sex with horses for third time, breaking leg in process

Cirilo Castillo Jr, 45, has served two sentences for past sexual incidents with horses

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A man from Texas has been arrested for trying to have sex with a horse in February, an act in which he broke his leg.

Cirilo Castillo Jr, 45, who has a history of such activity, was found injured in a barn in Edinburg, Texas in the morning on 17 February, according to a police statement.

An ambulance took Mr Castillo to the hospital for treatment after he was found at 7am by the owner of the barn, who was feeding her animals.

She had warned him to stay away from the barn after a prior arrest for having sex with her horses.

Mr Castillo claimed that he was struck by a car and crawled to the barn for shelter, however officers believe he was kicked by a horse. An ambulance took him to hospital for treatment.


Hidalgo County investigators issued a warrant for his arrest and he was taken into custody on June 2 for the charge of criminal trespass, for which Mr Castillo could face up to 180 days in jail.

Mr Castillo has served two sentences for past sexual incidents with horses.

Recent studies report that the overwhelming majority of self-identified male and female zoophiles do not have sex with animals because there is no other sexual outlet, but do so because it is their sexual preference.

The most common reasons for engaging in zoophilic relationships were attraction to animals out of a desire for affection, and a sexual attraction toward and/or a love for animals.

A study surveying 93 zoophiles (82 males and 11 females) showed that only 12 per cent said they engaged in sex with animals because there were no human partners available, and only 7 per cent said it was because they were too shy to have sex with humans.

Only 8 per cent of males wanted to stop having sex with animals and none of the females did.