Man arrested on plane after accidentally 'urinating all over fellow passengers'

Passengers on the JetBlue flight remained calm during the incident, according to reports

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A man faces charges after accidentally urinating on fellow passengers on a flight in the US.

Jeff Rubin, a 27-year-old from Oregon, was on board a flight between Alaska and Portland, according to local reports.

Rubin had been asleep for most of the flight, according to the police report.

But about 30 minutes before it landed, he stood up and started urinating between the two seats in front of him and onto passengers. He then lost his balance and fell backwards, “causing him to […] urinate upwards which got on the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passenger's personal belongings”, according to police.

The cabin remained calm during the incident, according to Suzanna Caldwell, an Alaska Dispatch News reporter who was sat on the plane.

Rubin then fell back to sleep in his seat, where police arrested him once they had boarded the plane. Police had to wake him back up again when they arrived, according to Caldwell.

He faces charges of criminal mischief and offensive littering.

Rubin did not respond a message asking for comment, according to Associated Press.