Man hides on a shop shelf for two hours in failed robbery attempt

Video: A seemingly ingenious plan by a would-be robber in Houston, Texas, turned into disaster and hilarity

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Was it a great plan that failed due to bad luck or simply a dumb idea in the first place?

An unsuccessful robbery plot was caught on camera at a dollar store in Houston, Texas, last week with one policeman commenting that the whole event was "comical".

Footage shows two men entering the store near to closing time. One of the men bends down to a lower shelf in one of the aisles, removes some boxes, and then crawls onto the shelf. His accomplice then walks by and puts the boxes back into place, thus concealing his partner.

The latter individual then went and bought a few items before leaving the store, leaving the hidden man in the store, where he waited for two hours until the store shut.

However, once the man appeared from his hiding place, seemingly ready to rob the shop, he failed to account for the motion sensors inside the store. Thus, as he emerged from his tiny hideout, he set off an alarm and promptly ran out the back door without taking a single item.

Sergeant J.B. Haney of the Houston Police Department told KHOU News in Houston, "They thought they had a great plan, but it didn't really work out for them.

"It's comical. It's kind of funny. It's one I'll remember for a while."

After concocting a plan that saw him hide on a shelf for two hours, Sergeant Haney was surprised the man did not even take something as he ran out of the store.

"It is mind boggling why they went through all that and didn't grab something on the way out. I would have gotten me something on the way out."