Marijuana grower nearly decapitates himself with his own booby trap


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A New York marijuana grower has died after driving into his own booby trap.

Daniel Rickets reportedly drove his quad bike into his secluded property in Albany on Saturday when he was nearly decapitated by an invisible wire that formed part of fortifications he had erected around four marijuana plants.

The wire is believed to be the same material used in pianos.

Hikers spotted his body and alerted police, who pronounced Ricketts dead at the scene.

Albany County officials said the trap was similar to traps created for coyotes. Police attending the scene also discovered barbed wire and leg traps, according to the New York Daily News.

The 50-year-old's body was identified on Sunday. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said alcohol may have been a factor in the incident. 

He added it was unclear what, if any, other purpose the wire could have, apart from dangerous to someone driving an all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle.

An investigation into the man's death continues.