Marijuana prices: Map shows average pot prices in each US state

Weed is cheapest in states where its recreational use is legal

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Where can you buy the cheapest marijuana in the US? Not surprisingly, the cheapest pot in the US can be found in the states where it is legal to use it recreationally.

Oregon ($204 per ounce), Washington ($232), Colorado ($243) and Alaska ($294) all have legalised marijuana for recreational use and have stores that sell it, and are four of the cheapest states for weed.


California ($242 an ounce) is the only state cheaper than one of the states to have legalised pot.

Data for weed prices was collected from, a website where users can submit the price of high-quality weed in their area. For reference, an ounce of pot is slightly more than 28 grams and an average-sized joint typically contains less than one gram of marijuana.

North Dakota ($387 an ounce) is the state with the most expensive marijuana and possession of at least an ounce of weed in that state is felony with a possible prison sentence of up to five years, according to NORML.


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