Meet Jack, the dog with a very balanced diet: perfectly-poised pooch becomes internet hit


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In recent years followers of British talent shows have seen more than their fair share of celebrity canines and posing pooches, but it's fair to say that Jack, an Australian cattle dog from San Franscisco, probably takes the biscuit.

The three-year-old dog, along with his owners Nicole Lee and her boyfriend Trey, have become internet celebrities in recent weeks after pictures of the talented pet balancing objects on his nose and head were posted on Reddit.

The images show Jack balancing everything from a football to a frying pan on his head and nose.

The perfectly-poised pooch is even disciplined enough to resist a pile of biscuits delicately placed literally in front of his eyes.

Nicole and Trey said the latest stunt they've taught Jack is to close kitchen cupboards and open fridge doors.

Whether he'll be able to resist dipping into the fridge for a midnight doggy treat remains to be seen.

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