Nurse discovers dying hit-and-run patient in ER is her own brother

Jennifer Medina said 'everything just collapsed' when she realised who the patient was

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A nurse has described the moment she discovered a victim of a hit-and-run being treated on by her colleagues was her younger brother

Jennifer Medina, a nurse in California, was working a night shift when the hit-and-run victim was rushed into hospital.

While she was treating other trauma patients, doctors were treating her brother Cesar Andres Medina.

Ms Medina realised who the patient was when her colleague checked his identification and she immediately recognised the wallet.

She told NBC Los Angeles: “She opened it [the wallet] up and it was my brother’s face. Everything just collapsed. I just couldn’t hold it together.”

Mr Medina, 23, was rushed to Mission Hospital Regional Medical Centre, after being hit by “a truck” in San Juan Capistrano. 

Visibly emotional, Ms Medina told reporters in a televised interview that after his death, she went into the room to say goodbye.

Ms Medina has since set up a gofundme page to help pay for the funeral, writing that it was "the day [she] feared the most."

The Orange County Sherrif Department said a 19-year-old male, Andrew Christopher Michaels, has been arrested in connection with the crash.