One photographer walked around New York on the night of the blizzard and took some incredible photos

Photos show Times Square, Bryant Park in the snow storm

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New York is the most photographed city on the planet – according to Google and Instagram – so most people on Earth have at least seen New York, even if they haven’t been there.

But few have seen the city as it was on Monday night, when Winter Storm Juno was supposed to bring a blizzard to New York. A comprehensive travel ban forced the city that never sleeps to at least lie down.

Fortunately, photographer Jaka Vinsek took to the empty streets on Monday night and saw a city vastly different than most photos show. Check out the gallery below for some incredible shots of New York in the grips of Juno’s advance.





Grand Central, deserted. Seasoned New Yorkers will tell you that is indeed a rare occurrence, as are empty streets in Manhattan. Most businesses took the night off, though the photos show a few did brave the storm.

The worst of Winter Storm Juno ended up missing New York, and instead dumped on Long Island and parts of New England. But thanks to Mr Vinsek’s photos, he left a stunning reminder of a seemingly abandoned New York.

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