Oregon college shooting: Army veteran Chris Mintz 'charged gunman' during attack

Nine people have died after alleged shooter Chris Harper-Mercer opened fire in the school

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An army veteran has been hailed a hero after he reportedly charged a gunman in an attempt to save lives during the latest school shooting in the US.

Chris Mintz, 30, was taken to hospital after he was shot several times by the gunman during the attack on Umpqua Community College in Oregon on Thursday morning.

Cousin Derek Bourgeois confirmed he had heard Mr Mintz “went after the shooter”.

“There was no way he was going to stand around and watch something this horrific happen,” he told the MailOnline.

Having left the army, where he had been stationed in Fort Lewis in Washington state, Mr Mintz was apparently working at the YMCA while studying at the community college to become a fitness instructor.

An unidentified nurse, who claimed to have witnessed the attack and prayed with Mr Mintz after he was wounded, said during the attack he kept repeating: “It’s my son’s birthday, it’s my son’s birthday”. 

Earlier in the day Mr Mintz posted a birthday message to his young son, Tyrik, online.

Family members claimed the father-of-one will need extensive rehabilitation, with some reports indicating he may have to learn to walk again after being hit in both legs.