Palin tour signals a presidential run

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Sarah Palin will today embark on a campaign-style bus tour along the East Coast of the United States, sending a jolt through the Republican presidential contest and thrusting herself back into the nation's spotlight. The tour is the strongest signal yet that, despite falling approval ratings, she is considering a presidential bid.

Mrs Palin plans to meet with veterans and visit historic sites that her political action committee says are key to the country's formation, survival and growth. The tour follows reports that Mrs Palin has bought a house in Arizona and the disclosure that she's authorised a feature-length film about her career, which could serve as a campaign centrepiece. She recently said she has "that fire in the belly" for a presidential bid. However, Fox News said a few days ago that it was not changing Mrs Palin's status as a paid commentator, a sign that network officials do not consider a presidential run imminent.