Palin's film panned by the critics

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If Sarah Palin was hoping to sweep to power on the back of a documentary celebrating her rise from "hockey mom" to national power broker, then nobody told the critics.

Reviewers universally panned The Undefeated on its opening weekend in which it took an estimated $65,000-$75,000 at 10 small cinemas in the mostly conservative areas of California and Texas, according to distributor ARC Entertainment. It claimed the box office takings were "stronger than expected" and that it plans to roll it out across the US in coming months. Critics begged to differ as they criticised the film, with one claiming that he was the only person to sit through a full screening in California.

Another critic Robert Abele, of the Los Angeles Times, described the movie as "a troop-rallying campaign infomercial". The film could be used to whip up funding for the politician, who continues to drop hints about her possible plans to run for the presidency next year.