Picture of the Day: Queen of the dance

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It is difficult to think of a British equivalent to Brazilian comedian Sabrina Sato, seen here dancing with the Grupo Especial Gavioes da Fiel samba group at the Anhmebi sambodromo in Sao Paulo.

Ms Sato has appeared on the Brazilian version of Big Brother. She is a member of a comedy troupe called Panico, in whose radio show she made fun of her own intellectual limitations and her country accent. In the television version of the show, she specialised in stunts such as belching the lyrics to songs and eating bugs.

So far, so I'm A Celebrity. But while we may have our fair share of starry reality shows here in the UK, climbing into a traditional samba queen costume and getting into the carnival groove takes Strictly Come Dancing to a new level.

A quick twirl round the floor in the expertly guiding arms of a ballroom-dancing professional looks positively sedate compared to getting your kit off and boogying on down with a retinue of samba drummers. Strictly contestants have been known to complain about the perils of streaky fake tan. How on earth would they handle all that Brazilian waxing?

Ay caramba!