Pilot arrested at JFK is released

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A man arrested for apparently using a false pilot's identification to get through security checks at John F. Kennedy Airport was released today, along with nine other people arrested at New York airports yesterday

However, this morning at least 10 of the people detained at arouund the same time at Kennedy and LaGuardia airports were cleared of any connection with Tuesday's terrorist attacks, Senator Joseph Biden said.

Sen.Biden told CNN that the arrests were based on suspicions that they were linked to the attacks, but those connections turned out to be "totally, totally coincidental."

One man was arrested because he was belligerent, while the others were merely detained and questioned.A source with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which Sen.Biden heads, said all but one of the group had been released.

The arrests caused the region's three major airports - Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark, New Jersey - to close again just hours after service was restored.

One man was originally thought to be traveling with a fake pilot's license, but Sen.Biden said the man was a pilot who "coincidentally had his brother's identification as well."

"His brother happened to live in an apartment complex that was one in Boston where some of these people had actually been. Totally totally coincidental," he said.

Others were traveling to a Boeing conference, either because they work for the airline manufacturer or were invited. "The folks at the airport thought, 'Hey, wait a minute, are they impersonating crew?' And they weren't."

The individual who was still being held has not been charged with anything, officials with the Foreign Relations Committee said.

¿ Both black boxes (flight data and voice data recorders) from the hijacked jet that crashed into Pentagon were found by searchers in the rubble on Friday, a Pentagon official said.