Pizza delivery man 'fakes homicide to avoid being fired'


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A pizza delivery man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly made up a homicide to avoid being fired from his job.

Deputies reported that 18-year-old Mason Requa called 911 and said that he had witnessed a homicide at around 9pm on Wednesday.

The teenager gave a detailed description of the incident including physical descriptions of the suspects, the type of weapon used, and the clothing worn by the victim.

Mason Requado, an 18-year-old pizza delivery boy, allegedly lied about witnessing a homicide to 'avoid being fired'

US Border Patrol and New York State Police searched for almost four hours for a machete-wielding man that Mr Requa said he saw decapitate a 7-year-old girl, according to WHAM.

After this time Mr Requa is said to have admitted that he had made up the story because he was afraid that he would be fired from his job for a late pizza delivery.

He was later charged with Falsely Reporting An Incident, and is due back in court on Tuesday 26 August.