Police apologise for loan of Robert Kennedy's clothes

Police in Los Angeles have publicly apologised for loaning the bloodstained shirt, tie and jacket that Robert F Kennedy was wearing when he was shot to organisers of a macabre exhibition at a casino in Las Vegas.

The clothes and other artefacts from the room at the Ambassador Hotel, where Kennedy was assassinated in June 1968, were put on display at a conference for homicide investigators at the Palms Casino. Also exhibited at the event, which was open to the public, was memorabilia from investigations into Marilyn Monroe's overdose, the O J Simpson case, and the Manson family killings, along with several other notoriously grisly murder cases over 100 years.

Most of the items had never been seen in public outside a courtroom, News of the exhibition reopened old wounds for the Kennedy family, who formally complained the moment they heard about it. Kennedy's clothes were removed from display yesterday.