Racial prejudice ruining your day? Call the White Squad

'We're your stand-ins for life's racially unbalanced situations'

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An anti-prejudice initiative has exposed the prejudice people of colour face in everyday life in a compelling way with a fake advert for 'White Squad', a team of white people there to stand in for you when renting a flat or appearing in court.

"Is your skin colour holding you back? Are you tired of systemic prejudice ruining your day?" the 'team leader' asks in the video. "I'd like to tell you about a new solution to racial inequality: White Squad - professional white advantaged services.

"White Squad is a team of carefully selected white representatives, who act on behalf of people of colour.

"We're your stand-ins for life's racially unbalanced situations. Our teammates are standing by to help you hail a cab and find a better apartment

"Having legal troubles? White Squad will appear in court for you, giving you the full benefits of being a white person in the legal system."

The video includes statistics such as the higher incarceration rates for non-white ethnicities and was made by MTV as part of its anti-prejudice drive 'Look Different'.

White Squad was designed 'to illustrate how white privilege works and how it impacts people's lives' and has its own working website and phone line.