Sarah Palin says she may be interested in running for US president in 2016

Former vice presidential nominee says “Anybody would be interested”

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Sarah Palin has left the door cracked on a possible 2016 run for president of the US, saying she is interested in the campaign and adding that she thinks it’s time the US elects a female head of state.

The former governor of Alaska, and running mate of John McCain in an unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign, didn’t come out and say she would be running for president, but she didn’t quite rule out the possibility of running.


“Yeah, I mean, of course, when you have a servant’s heart, when you know that there is opportunity to do all you can to put yourself forward in the name of offering service, anybody would be interested,” Ms Palin reportedly said to ABC News on Thursday.

“We definitely had enough of seeing that — America has had enough of seeing that — sign on the Oval Office door saying, 'No Girls Allowed.' I know that,” she said.

While it appears that Ms Palin is still entertaining the idea of running in the 2016, she likely will need to make a decision soon. Both former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney are considering presidential runs and are testing the waters, as well as the Republican fundraising machine.

On the Democratic side of the aisle, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the candidate getting most of the attention.

Whether Ms Palin runs or not, she said she hopes to be in the 2016 coversation.

“It doesn't have to be myself, but yes ... happy to drive that competition, because competition will make everyone better and produce more and be more candid regarding their solutions they will offer this country,“ she said. ”I am very interested in that competitive process and, again, not necessarily me.”


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