Sea lion pulls man with fish into San Diego bay

Angler spent up to 20 seconds undwater

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A word of warning to California anglers posing for pictures with their latest catch: someone else has their eye on that fish.

A 62-year-old man was taken to hospital after a sea lion bit him on the hand and dragged him underwater for up to 20 seconds after the fish in his hand attracted its attention.

The Los Angeles Times said the San Diego man was posing with the fish he had caught on Sunday afternoon in the waters of Mission back.

A sea lion leaped from the water and while trying to get the fish, pulled him into the water.

The Associated Press said that the man suffered several bites and spent up to 20 seconds beneath water that was 15 feet deep before he was able to get away from the sea lion and make his way to the surface. His fishing companions then pulled him back into the boat and took him to hospital.

He suffered shock and cuts to his hands and feet and from shock, according to the San Diego Fire and Rescue Department. The incident occurred just as the boat was approaching the Hyatt Mission Bay Marina.