Seattle police officer who arrested elderly black man for carrying a golf club has been fired for 'racial bias'

The officer arrested the 69-year-old man for allegedly swinging golf club in July 2014

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The Seattle police officer who arrested 69-year-old, William Wingate, for allegedly swinging a golf club, has been fired for ‘racial bias’ and demonstrating a ‘combative approach’.

Seattle Police Department released the dashcam footage in January and worked with the City Attorney’s Office to dismiss all charges against Mr Wingate.

Seattle Police Chief, Kathleen O’Toole, believes the fired officer Cynthia Whitlatch should have handled the “non-threatening situation” differently.

“Your inability to understand, even in hindsight, that your behaviour was unnecessarily aggressive, an abuse of discretion, and negatively impacted the community's confidence in this police service, offers me no pathway to confidence that your behaviour will improve or change.”

“Without this ability to learn from your mistakes, understand how you can improve and do better, and recognise your own errors, you are unable to effectively function as an officer.”

The officer was dismissed on Tuesday.