Shouting 'F*ck CNN' live on CNN is becoming a thing in Ferguson

People aren't happy about the station's one-sided coverage

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Ferguson residents and protesters are taking out their frustrations over CNN's coverage of the grand jury verdict by heartily shouting "f*ck CNN" in the background of correspondents' pieces-to-camera.

It all started with Don Lemon's disastrous reportage in the St Louis suburb, during which he said "Obviously, there's a smell of marijuana in the air", leading one man to lean over his shoulder and shout the slur into the camera.

Now a whole group of protestors in New York have picked up the chant, repeating it over and over and forcing the reporter to lament that CNN doesn't seem to be particularly popular at the demonstration.

Back in the studio, anchor Anderson Cooper tried to palm off the chant as people "playing for the cameras", but given how widely these videos are being shared, it's probably going to become a recurring theme in the network's coverage for the next few days.