The Confederate flag was removed in South Carolina - we visited the museum that will be its permanent home

Flag is being moved to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum

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The Confederate flag that has been flying on the grounds of the South Carolina State House for more than 50 years came down Friday shortly after 10 am.

It will now be moved to a place that many said it the only fitting home for a flag that carries a painful part of US history: a museum.

The South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, to be exact. After the flag was taken down, we decided to visit the museum to see what the Confederate flag would be joining.

Here's what we saw:


The exterior of the South Carolina State Museum, which houses the Confederate Relic Room.


 This is where the South Carolina Confederate flag will rest.

The flag was not on display Friday and is not expected to be until later this year, a museum employee told The Independent, adding that they are not sure where it will be displayed.



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