Surveillance video captures gas leak explosion at Washington motel

The footage shows a huge explosion with debris flying into the air; authorities investigating cause
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Surveillance footage captured the moment when a gas leak at a Bremerton motel sparked an explosion on Tuesday leading to debris flying into the air and three floors collapsing.

Fire fighters and gas workers were inside attempting to repair the leak when it sparked a huge explosion.

Watch the motel explosion below.

The blast threw fire fighters and gas workers back by 20 feet. It has been reported that one of the gas workers, named as Larry Jennings, suffered “a fractured cervical spine, fractured lumbar spine and has burns on his arms, second-and third-degree burns.”

Fire blazed through the building leading to three floors of the motel to collapse. Vehicles have been damaged and people’s belongings destroyed by the incident.

An evacuation of the motel had taken place before the explosion. Guests were supported by the Red Cross and were allowed to go into the motel and retrieve their belongings on Wednesday evening.

Washington State Utilities and Transport Commission has an investigator at the scene, as a cause of the explosion remains unclear.