Take Two! Weather set fair for Felix Baumgartner's fresh attempt at supersonic skydive


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The "extreme athlete" Felix Baumgartner is hopeful that his second attempt at a supersonic skydive over New Mexico can take place on Sunday.

The Red Bull Stratos team meteorologist Don Day said today that the weather forecast is still favourable for launching the 30 million cubic foot balloon then.

“I like what I see on Sunday. It will again be a matter of what happens with the winds on the top (700-800 feet). We may still have to wait and the window will likely be open until 11 a.m. We need to be ready for launch just after sunrise", he said.

This would mean the 55-storey high balloon starting its two-hour ascent around lunchtime on Sunday, with Baumgartner due to jump from the capsule at 36,500m and freefall for more than five minutes. The plan is for him then to parachute the final 15,000m into the desert.

The balloon is so delicate that it can take off only if winds on the ground are 2 mph (3.2 kph) or less.

Graphic: Cath Levett