Tara the 'hero' cat who saved boy from dog attack throws out first pitch

Tara was invited to open the Bakersfield Blaze game after saving four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo

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Tara the "heroic cat" who became famous for saving a young boy from a dog attack “threw” the first pitch – well, attempted to – on Tuesday night at a Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball game.

Initially, the idea had been to have Tara "throw" the pitch by using a baseball attached to a fishing line.

But unsuccessful attempts at persuading Tara to swat the ball led to Ryan Triantafilo, the father of the boy she saved from an attack, hold the cat in his arms while “guiding” her paw.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Triantafilo threw the game's actual ceremonial first pitch.

Jeremy was playing in the drive of his California home on Tuesday when a dog attacked him, only for Tara to fly in, hurl herself at the dog and chase it away moments later.

The moment was caught on CCTV and spread like wildfire around the internet, attracting over eight million views on YouTube.

News of the incident quickly spread and Jeremy, who required four stitches after the attack, was interviewed by ABC News, granting Tara instant fame.

Jeremy's parents explained that Tara followed them home from the park five years ago and has lived with them ever since, even sleeping in the same crib as the youngster when he was a baby.