Telica volcano in Nicaragua erupts just metres in front of hiking group - video

The 1,060-metre high volcano erupted on Monday

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A group of walkers in Nicaragua had an unexpected surprise on Monday when a group hike to the top of the country’s Telica volcano saw it erupt just metres in front of them.

In the video filmed by the group, Nicaragua’s most active volcano is captured sending black ash and gas hundreds of metres into the air.

The eruption came a day after a loud explosion from the 1,060-metre high volcano was heard on Sunday night. This triggered 50 small gas explosions and several micro-earthquakes in the area surrounding the volcano.

Despite farms being covered with ash on Tuesday, the Nicaraguan government is yet to order an evacuation notice for the 2,500 that live nearby.

Nicaraguan authorities are monitoring the situation and one of the area’s police chiefs said that a contingency plan had been organised if the situation deteriorates.

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Omar Espinoza told local media: “We have designed a contingency plan for people who find they need to evacuate, their property, and to deal with their animals.

“We're working with Telica police also and at any moment we'll receive backup from Leon municipality to guarantee the well-being of people who live around the Telica volcano.“