The Haiti earthquake six months on

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Six months after enduring one of the deadliest natural disasters of the past century, the small republic of Haiti is finally showing signs of recovery.

In the months following the earthquake the small Caribbean island was embroiled in accusations of corruption, international spats over aid, and disturbing revelations about the support networks available to its largely impoverished population.

The immediate aftermath of the quake, which killed over 200,000 people, saw a lengthy rescue effort, with a lucky few being dragged from the rubble and debris which engulfed the capital Port au Prince.

Others were trapped for days on end under Haiti's alarmingly weak buildings.

Those who survived the initial blasts were still unable to escape the chaos, as foreign aid trickled through and the small airport of Toussaint Louverture failed to cope.

While there is clearly still a long road ahead with regards to the nation's recovery, both social and economic, Haiti is starting to show positive signs that it may be able to move on from the devastating natural disaster.

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