'The most liberal Democrat' - Kucinich loses other Ohio contest


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While the Republicans were battling it out in Ohio on Super Tuesday, the state also held primary elections for a US Senate seat. In this contest, Dennis Kucinich, the liberal gadfly in Congress who tried to have President George W Bush impeached over the Iraq war, was defeated by a fellow Democrat.

Mr Kucinich, 65, lost to Marcy Kaptur, the longest serving woman in Congress, who touted her influence as a senior member of the powerful committee that decides on government spending. Ms Kaptur and Mr Kucinich, once friends representing neighbouring northern Ohio districts, found themselves competing for the same job when Ohio lost two congressional seats after the 2010 census.

In his concession speech, Mr Kucinich accused Ms Kaptur of running a campaign "lacking in integrity, filled with false truths".

Mr Kucinich, who made two unsuccessful attempts to clinch the Democratic nomination for President, is considered one of the most liberal members of the House. At 23, he was elected to Cleveland City Council and was the city's "boy mayor" from 1977 to 1979. He has served in Congress since 1997.

He opposed the Iraq war, so much so that he once introduced articles of impeachment against Mr Bush alleging misconduct.