The US also sent anthrax spores to Britain, Pentagon reveals

An inquiry is underway into how the shipments were sent

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The Pentagon has added Britain to the list of countries that received live anthrax samples from the US military.

Army Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the Defence Department spokesman, said one laboratory in Britain and another in Massachusetts had been added to the list of laboratories that received live anthrax samples, raising the total number of labs to 68, Reuters said.

Four countries outside the United States are now known to have received live anthrax samples: Australia, Canada, South Korea and Britain. Laboratories in 19 states and Washington DC, also received live anthrax samples.

Investigators are trying to determine whether the inadvertent shipments of the anthrax, which can be used as a biological weapon, stemmed from quality control problems at the US base, the Dugway Proving Ground, Pentagon officials said.