This is what New York looks like during Winter Storm Juno

Social media shows Gotham deserted as New Yorkers brace for the storm

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With New York City in lock down over night, many residents expected to wake up to a wall of snow on Tuesday, with the mayor saying Gotham was facing "one of the largest snowstorms in the history" of the Big Apple.

However, New York is used to snow storms and winter storm Juno appeared to hit the city rather lightly, at least according to some on social media:

Indeed, while the travel ban remained in place in New York City until 7:30 a.m on Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service said that Juno was departing the North East region quicker than expected and therefore there was a lot less snowfall than forecast.

With earlier predictions declaring nearly 30 inches of snow could fall, the NWS said only 7 inches fell in New York City, with Philadelphia witnessing 2 inches and Boston 8 inches. The highest snowfall occurred in Plymouth, Massachusetts with up to 17 inches so far.

Thus, instead of waking up to the aftermath of the worst snow storm in history, New Yorkers were presented with the beautiful sight of their city completely deserted, the snow untouched and the full glory of Gotham's architecture and vastness on stunning display.

Empty images of Times Square, so often the iconic, bustling hubbub of Gotham, have become a popular image capturing the full effect of Juno on the city:

Even the legendary Nile Rodgers took to Twitter to explain how bizarre the scene in New York was for many residents:

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