This six-year-old pleading for her divorced parents to be 'friends' is heartbreaking

In a video her mother Sherry posted on YouTube, 6 year old Tiana gives a lengthy speech on why her parents should be friends

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A little girl asking her parents to be friends has touched the hearts of millions after her mother posted up a video on YouTube of her inspiring words.

Watch video here:

The little girl begins by telling her mother "Are you ready to be his friend, try not to be that high up to be friends" and then launching into a metaphor about how everyone should be on the same level "I want you and my dad to be placed, and settled and be friends"

Sherry, who resides in Canada was having harsh words with Tiana's father, when she walked back into the house her daughter was waiting for her and then filmed what she had to say; she wrote “She brought me [to tears] and [made me] feel guilty,” the video has been shared thousands of times with people  by the truth in her wise words.