Three children injured as freak waterspout sweeps bounce house 20ft in the air - video

The travelling bounce house destroyed lampposts as it rolled across the beach

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Three young children were injured over the weekend after the bouncy castle they were playing on was launched into the air by a freak waterspout that came ashore in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend.

In a video capturing the horrifying moment, beachgoers are seen enjoying themselves on the Fort Lauderdale Beach when the waterspout or "water tornado" was spotted moving across the sand.

It soon picks up speed and catches the 15ft castle, flipping it over before lifting it high into the air.

The castle then flips several more times as it is “sent across the parking lot and into the roadway.”

One witness can be heard saying, “There’s kids on it” as the inflatable slams back down onto the beach.

According to bystanders, children could be seen falling from the castle as it rolled across the area and destroyed a number of lampposts.

Police reported that three children had been taken to hospital for treatment following the incident and two had suffered minor fractures.

Speaking after the incident, Sgt Greenlaw spokesman for Fort Lauderdale Police said: “This is an act of mother nature, something that could not be prevented, and we were unable to react quick enough to this waterspout.”

Waterspouts are essentially tornadoes that form over water and can travel for a period of time on land.

They are known creating gusts of wind measuring between 65-85mph and often occur alongside high winds, large hail and lightning.