Twin sisters both give birth to baby boys on same day in New Jersey

 A local mathematics professor estimates the chances of twins giving birth to babies of the same gender on the same day as one in 25,000

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A pair of twins have given birth on the same day, both to baby boys, in a mathematically freakish occurrence in the US.

Fraternal twins Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham gave birth within four hours of each other on Friday, eight days after their shared due dates.

The 32-year-olds, who were born one minute apart themselves, both gave birth to healthy baby boys one hospital room apart in the small town of Brick, New Jersey. 

Ms Grant gave birth to Roman at 11.42am while Ms Abraham delivered Aaron just a few hours later at 3.21pm.

“People were equally amazed about twins having the same due date as they were that I actually birthed a 9-pound, 12-ounce baby” Ms Abraham told the Asbury Park Press

She said: "Every single person has been like, 'no way!'.

"Even the nurses coming in for their shifts were like, 'We’ve got to meet the twins.'"

Ms Grant said it was a “total coincidence” that they both got pregnant at the same time, saying: “We both wanted babies, but we didn’t think we would get pregnant the same time. This was not planned.”  

They said the only thing they orchestrated was inducing labour after they passed eight days.

Ms Abraham said: “It’s the best thing in the world. We’re real close and our husbands are real close. The boys will be like brothers.” 

Ms Grant said they now plan to dress the cousins in the same outfits. 

“We were dressed alike but in different colours growing up, so we’re going to torture them like that, too”, she said.

A local mathematics professor, Olga Malpica Proctor, calculated the odds of twin sisters giving birth on the same day as about one in 12,500 – similar to the odds that someone will be struck by lighting. 

The odds that both babies are the same gender is approximately one in 25,000.

Aaron is Ms Abraham’s first child but Ms Grant also has a two-year-old daughter.