Two black bears fight for nearly seven minutes in suburban New Jersey street

The bear fight was filmed by a passer-by who caught the action on the street

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It’s rare to see a black bear roaming the suburban streets of New Jersey, but to see two locked in a vicious fight among cars and mail boxes is unlikelier still.

However, one person has apparently filmed two black bears fighting on a sleepy suburban road in the American state for nearly seven minutes.

The footage, captured in Rockaway, shows the bears caught fighting by a house before one tumbles down a set of outdoor stairs, and the two animals begin fighting again.

The pair are then seen fighting and wrestling in the middle of the street and remain unperturbed when a car drives past them.


The footage is shaky and shows the person filming the action jumping in and out of a stationary car when the fight gets too close. It was filmed in August but uploaded to YouTube this month.