The EDL protested against Donald Trump protests and only two people turned up

Hundreds of anti-racism protesters chanted at far-right supporters

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Supporters of the far-right English Defence League have clashed with demonstrators gathered outside London's American embassy to protest against Donald Trump following his election as US president.

Cries of "Dump Trump!" erupted from a crowd of around 200, which assembled outside iron gates patrolled by dozens of police.

One of two visible EDL supporters who was wearing a shirt with the message 'White lives matter', told assembled media: "Donald Trump, he is the man, he’s telling it how it is. He’s not all about capitalism. He’s not all about stitching up Americans."

Another man at the demonstration ripped a protester's a placard that said: 'No To Racism, No To Trump'.

The EDL supporter added: "We're not racist", to which people responded: "Yeah, yeah".

“People in America will tell you black lives matter. We’ve got people killing police officers who are affiliated with [the movement] Black Lives Matter."

He continued: "Refugees are not welcome here."

When asked by someone in the crowd to explain, he said: “Because they come here, they rape our children.”

Protesters then started chanting: “Refugees are welcome here.” 

Organised by Stand Up To Racism, a campaign group that claims Mr Trump had run “the most racist election campaign in generations”, demonstrators spoke of their sense that intolerance was growing across Europe and in the US.

One protester said: "Donald is the name of a duck in America. He's the only Donald we should know. This Donald is a quack."

The London demonstration follows similar protests across the US and outside the American embassy in Berlin.

London demonstration follows similar protests across the US and outside the American embassy in Berlin (Getty)

One protester, Kate Sumpter, a 29-year-old actor from Seattle, said of the election result: "Nobody saw it coming and we all should have. We know the seedy underbelly of our culture makes this sort of thing possible.

"I have friends who are people of colour and are Muslims. I'm scared for them."

She continued: "My parents are both British: I'm the child of immigrants in America, but because I'm white and I sound American, I don't get treated [badly]. It's such a horrific double standard."

Several signs drew parallels between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump (Getty)

Silvia Usle, a photographer who was born in Spain and grew up in New York, said the prospect of Mr Trump being president "makes me want to throw-up".

She had fashioned a makeshift sign drawing a parallel between the American President and Adolf Hitler. “I'm very scared," she said, "Hitler was elected in a democracy."

Another demonstrator, Maya Schkolne, said: "I come from a family of people affected by fascism of Jewish immigrants.

"Seeing someone who represents a similar appeal to masses of people [as the Nazi party] and is able to whip up crowds like that... Dangerous times are ahead."

As the election results were announced on Wednesday, former KKK leader David Duke tweeted: "This is one of the most exciting nights of my life. Make no mistake about it, our people have played a huge role in electing Trump!"