Canada mocks Donald Trump by proposing their own wall to keep fleeing Americans out

It comes as the official Canadian immigration website crashes within hours of the result

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Canadians are taunting their southern neighbours following Donald Trump’s victory by threatening to build “an ice wall” to keep them out. 

Referencing Mr Trump’s notorious pledge to build a wall on the US’ border with Mexico, Twitter users have pledged to “start working on that wall” to keep out Americans attempting to move there. 

It comes as the official website for Canadian immigration crashed within hours of Mr Trump’s victory in the electoral college over Hillary Clinton as people threaten to flee the US to escape the Republican’s administration. 

Tweeting pictures of a Game of Thrones style wall made of ice, igloos and and piles of hockey pucks, Canadians mocked the US for voting for a man many fear will persecute minorities, irrevocably damage the US’ reputation abroad and make its people poorer.


During the primaries, Mr Trump vowed to build an “impenetrable physical wall”  between the US and Mexico in order to prevent immigration. 

He claimed he would force to Mexican government to pay for it and accused the country of only sending their “rapists and criminals” to the US. Mexico's government decried such language, and repeatedly said it will not pay for the wall.