Donald Trump's golf course accused of flooding nearby village to improve play

Briarcliff Manor authorities are suing Trump for damages caused by flooding in 2011

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A golf course owned by US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been accused of flooding a nearby village to improve play.

Authorities from Briarcliff Manor are suing Mr Trump for $238,000 (£165,000) for damages caused by flooding in 2011, which they say happened after managers of Mr Trump’s private golf club made "illegal and intentional modifications" to their drainage system, The Guardian reported.

Mr Trump denies the allegations.

The village alleges that Mr Trump’s managers changed the drainage system to increase the water levels of ponds on the golf course in order to make it look nice, which reportedly meant the course was less able to soak up rainwater.

Following heavy rain in June 2011, the village states that it was badly flooded, with local services such as the library forced to close while repair work was carried out and water drained away.

It is also claimed that debris from the golf course blocked drains in Briarcliff Manor, exacerbating the problem by causing a manhole to burst open.

However, Mr Trump denies the allegations, with his lawyer claiming to have an email from someone behind the lawsuit stating the flooding was caused by the extent of the rain and Trump was not to blame.