Electronic voting machine selects Romney even when you choose Obama


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The Independent US

It’s hard to believe yesterday’s presidential election is taking place in America when you consider the embarrassing glitches in the voting systems of some American swing states.

In addition to the voting machine in Pennsylvania which cast a vote for Republican Mitt Romney when the voter touched the screen for Obama, the town of Covington, Virginia, has been covered in shame after its voting machines described Obama as a Republican. (The state-of-the-art machines in Virginia also said that Romney is Republican, which happens to be right). Voting officials had to scrap the machines and issued voters with old-fashioned paper ballots which correctly described the president as a Democrat, according to CNN.

In Ohio, some electronic machines have crashed. And in Florida, phone calls from the election supervisor going out to voters in Pinellas County wrongly informed them that they have until 7 pm today to vote.  When the phone glitch was discovered, it was stopped and corrected, the Tampa  Bay Times reported.